About Mediation Surrey

Mediation Surrey aims to bring people together, through improved resilience, communication and understanding, to help them cope with, resolve and prevent disputes

Mediation Surrey are delighted to announce that Mandy Hargreaves has been appointed as the Director of Services for Mediation Surrey with effect from Monday 17 January. 

Anne Jones, who has so ably led Mediation Surrey in this role since its formation in 2019, is retiring from this position and is assisting in the handover to Mandy during January. 

Mandy joins from the charity Jigsaw4U. As a Team Manager she was involved in several relevant projects concerning advocacy for children, domestic abuse, and young victims of crime. She has extensive experience in working with volunteers and in liaising with agencies to bring a multi-agency approach. Prior to this Mandy spent her whole career at the Metropolitan Police where she retired with the rank of Detective Chief Inspector. Her experience there included roles in covert policing, serious crime, and child protection. 

We look forward to introducing Mandy to everyone over the next few weeks.