About Mediation Surrey

Mediation Surrey aims to bring people together, through improved resilience, communication and understanding, to help them cope with, resolve and prevent disputes


Who we are

Mediation Surrey is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation set up with the purpose of helping the residents of Surrey to resolve disputes without needing to engage in legal action. This is done through our Community,  Intergenerational and Support Coaching Service. Family Mediation is a fee paying service with cost kept as affordable as possible and at present is only available to the residents of East Surrey.  

Thanks to grants from our local councils, housing associations and the police these services can be offered free of charge to Surrey residents.

Our mediators and many of our coaches give their time voluntarily, they are highly skilled and experienced and have completed Mediation Surrey’s specialist training programmes. 

We would like to express our thanks to our funders for their continued support and commitment.

Mediation Surrey

Mediation Surrey


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Charity No. 1184469