Intergenerational Mediation

Helping to bring families together.

What is Intergenerational Mediation ?

The purpose of Intergenerational Mediation is to help young people and their families resolve disagreements through improved communication with the support of a trained mediator.

Intergenerational Mediation supports constructive communication between young people, siblings, parents, guardians, carers, and other family members and helps them to find ways to improve their relationship.     We are generally able to consider cases where the young person is aged no less than 12 years old  

Intergenerational Mediation is not the same as Family Mediation which supports couples who are separating or divorcing.



Intergenerational Mediation can:

  • Improve communication
  • Help work out problems
  • Encourage family to talk and listen
  • Can lead to  less arguments
  • Work towards good family relations

How does Intergenerational Mediation work?

Thanks to grants from Surrey County Council and other community partners Intergenerational Mediation can be offered free of charge to residents of Surrey.

Intergenerational Mediation is strictly confidential and impartial. 

Mediators operate independently of Family Services or any other agency.  They do not feedback to family members, nor to Family Services EXCEPT with the agreement of all concerned, or for safeguarding reasons.

With the agreement of all parties involved, the mediators would meet initially with each family member individually.

The aim over a period of time is to bring the family together to help them talk about their relationships, and together agree workable ways going forward to improve things.


The Referral Process

If you are a social worker or other professional wanting to make a referral please complete the online referral form below or contact the IG Co-ordinator

If you are an individual who would like to find out more about Intergenerational Mediation please contact the Co-ordinator

IG Mediation Referral Form

Referrer's Details

Family Details

Please include details of domestic violence, mental health, and any other relvant issues.