Family Mediation?

Separation and divorce can be a stressful, lonely and worrying time. Family Mediation can help.

What is Family Mediation?

The aim of Family Mediation is to help couples who are divorcing or separating permanently to reach agreements or resolve disputes, often over complex financial and family arrangements, between themselves.  Therefore avoiding the need for costly and stressful legal intervention.  Couples are guided through this process by trained mediators.


 Family Mediation can:

  • Avoid expensive and lengthy court procedures
  • Offer you a calm and constructive approach to resolving the dispute
  • Allow you to make the choice and decisions about how to go forward
  • Provide you with a safe and private environment for discussions
  • Help you reach a resolution of the dispute by working with a professional and experienced mediator

How does Family Mediation work?


We are a community based Family Mediation service led by Dr Lesley Saunders. At present the service is only available to the residents of East Surrey.   Family Mediation is completely confidential, mediators are independent and impartial.


This is a fee paying service with costs kept as affordable as possible:


Concessions may be available for extenuating circumstances, so please contact us to enquire. Telephone: 07484 799092 Email:


If you believe you are entitled to Legal Aid, click on the following link which will take you through to the site –


Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM)


If both parties are willing to engage in mediation the mediator will first meet individually with each party.


MIAM (45 minutes) – £80 per person (includes court forms as required) 


Joint Mediation Meeting


If both parties are then willing your mediator will see you together in a joint mediation session.  At these sessions your mediator will help you to consider the issues and reach a decision about how to go forward.  The number of joint mediation sessions needed will depend on the issues involved and their complexity.


  • Joint Mediation Sessions (1.5 hours)  – £120 per person
  • To support children whose parents are going through separation or divorce, a child consultation is £50


Outcomes and Agreements


Any and all joint decisions and agreements reached during the mediation sessions can be recorded in a written document which can be considered and approved by the court.


  • Statement of Child Arrangements – £50
  • Open Financial Statement – £50
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Finance and Property issues and ‘All Issues’ £100


If you are a professional referring a third party for Family Mediation or an individual who would like more information please complete the online referral form below or contact us directly Telephone: 07484 799092 Email:


Dr Lesley Saunders – our lead family mediator

Lesley Saunders is a renowned and skillfull mediator with over 20 years of experience, specialising in family mediation since 2004. 

In 2006, she qualified as an All Issues Family Mediator, accredited to provide both child and financial mediation.

She is also qualified to consult children as part of the mediation process. This she is willing to do free of charge, in order to support children through the process of their parents separation.

She has been an assessor of mediator competence with the Family Mediation Council since 2012 and a foundation trainer with the National Family Mediation since 2013.

Lesley’s calm manner and expert mediation skills will help both parties to focus and make decisions during the mediation process

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